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Complete Security Installation

Your business is likely the culmination of a great deal of hard work, money, and sound investments. Protect those investments properly with security installation services from Caltron Security Services Corp in New York, New York. Whether you're simply adding hardware or we've designed a system from the ground up, our team can provide the necessary installation services for your business.

Security Camera

Full-System Installation

Once our design and engineering teams have created the perfect security system for your facility, our skilled installers will provide all of the necessary work to get it up and running. We don't contract out to anyone, so our installation technicians provide all the work, ensuring that everything is done exactly the way it needs to be. We run the wires, install the hardware, and provide the training and support you need to keep everything up and running. Once we're finished, your team will easily be able to operate all of your new security protocols.


While each system is guaranteed for one year, security advances and old systems break down over time. Regular maintenance can keep your system up and running far beyond the first year, and we can replace and upgrade components to enhance your security as the technology moves forward. Count on us for 24/7 maintenance and service of every system we design and install. Each of our technicians is certified, ensuring you always receive the highest quality service on each call.